The No Back Down Woman

Mosie Allison, the black-sheep lesbian of the family, finds out at a reading of her father’s will that she’s related to a forgotten Indian legend, THE NO BACK DOWN WOMAN

Medicine Girl flies headfirst into a battle with the Sioux band that killed her brother and gets her revenge.  But when she returns to her village her people have scattered to escape the smallpox epidemic.   She enlists the help of 2 fur trappers and an escaped slave, and they go west, trapping, scrapping and falling in love with each other as they search for her people.  They catch a ride upriver with an eccentric wealthy German prince, who plays ethnic researcher but really wants to expand slavery in the west.  It all comes to a head in deadly Blackfoot country, where THE NO BACK DOWN WOMAN becomes a legend, and Mosie, (her great, great, granddaughter), discovers in a trunk of old letters, where she got her fighting spirit.

The Research
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